Jan 6, 2022

Hot Chocolate Twists for 2022

Happy New Year! This one is off to a bang, thanks to Tangle's wonderful customers. We have several months of hot chocolate weather left this winter, yay, so we want to share with you some flavor twists for this heavenly elixir in case you enjoy hot chocolate as frequently as we do and want a little variety.

Nov 18, 2021

Sweet Birch Herbals and Tangle Chocolate Collaboration

Tangle Chocolate’s best selling Winter in New England gift box is full of products to keep you cozy and healthy and happy through a cold winter. One of the items in the box is Elderberry Syrup, an immune booster, made by local herbalist Hannah Jacobson-Hardy of Sweet Birch Herbals in Ashfield, Massachusetts. Want to know more about it?

Nov 11, 2021

Best, Richest, Real Hot Chocolate Recipe

So your taste in hot chocolate no longer includes powders that come in envelopes, but you don't know how to make truly rich, real, exceptional hot chocolate yourself. You are about to read the best of the best of hot chocolate recipes. 

Oct 28, 2021

Tangle Chocolate's 2021 Gift Guide

Something for him, something for her, something for them. Everything beautiful, sustainable, totally yummy, top-of-the-line quality with prices ranging from $5.90- $69.90. Please take a look at our 2021 Gift Guide and be prepared to order! All include Tangle Chocolate's handmade dark chocolate, organic and sustainable.

Oct 14, 2021

A Different Perspective on Child Labor in West Africa

As you may already know, the chocolate industry has a long and terrible history of using slave labor, including forcing children to work in ways that can harm them. Part of the driving force behind Tangle Chocolate and many other fine chocolate makers is to end such practices. But this issue is more complex and nuanced than it seems at first glance. I recently attended a panel discussion on child labor in west Africa that presented the issue in a cultural context and from the point of view of cacao farmers and the children themselves, and want to share what I learned. 

Sep 30, 2021

Women in Chocolate: Alysha Kropf, Ecole Chocolat

For Alysha Kropf of Ecole Chocolat, an online culinary school for all things chocolate, a love of chocolate is in her genes. Read how she went from being "Sticker Girl" as a child, when she helped wrap holiday chocolate confections, to now being the program and marketing director at Ecole and a contributor to making the chocolate industry more sustainable and equitable. 

Sep 23, 2021

Best Chocolate-Caramel Apples

Looking for something to do on a fall afternoon that yields delicious results? Try making these chocolate-caramel apples. The chocolate protects the gooey caramel and offsets its super sweetness, leading to a treat that's truly special. Lots of tips and an extra recipe for the best homemade caramel also included!  

Sep 16, 2021

Women in Chocolate: Ruth Kennison, The Chocolate Project

Ruth Kennison is a chocolatier, chocolate educator, and the founder of The Chocolate Project in Los Angeles, California. Read about her story, her business, and her thoughts on the bean-to-bar chocolate industry in 2021!

Sep 9, 2021

What Is Dutched Cocoa?

Have you ever seen a piece of chocolate cake that is so dark brown that it’s almost black, and then been surprised when it didn’t taste as chocolatey as its color led you to believe it would? Or have you perhaps ordered a hot chocolate and had it taste, well, not as flavorful as the hot chocolate you’re used to? It’s possible that the cocoa powder used in these treats was Dutched. What does that mean? How does Dutched cocoa differ from regular cocoa, and when and how is it used?

Aug 19, 2021

Women in Chocolate: Lindsay Tarnoff, Laughing Gull Chocolates

Lindsay Tarnoff is founder and chief chocolatier of Laughing Gull Chocolates in Rochester, New York—but she's also a passionate mom and social justice advocate who has found a way to fill all of these roles at the same time.

Aug 5, 2021


All chocolate lovers who read this will know that cocoa butter is a critical natural component of the cocoa bean. Some of you may have seen it also listed in the ingredients of inedible products such as cosmetics, and wondered if it’s a bioidentical product. Turns out, cocoa butter is enormously versatile. In addition to being super important in chocolate, it can be used in baking as well as in moisturizers, makeup, and health care products. 

Jul 21, 2021


In December of 2020, The Supreme Court heard a case against chocolate giants Nestle and Cargill brought on behalf of 6 formerly enslaved children from Mali. As reported in our January 14, 2020 blog post, Nestle and Cargill were being sued for aiding and abetting overseas human rights violations using a 1789 law that allows, in some cases, for non-US citizens to seek damages for violations done by US companies overseas. The verdict is in.
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