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the essence of life

is found in small, everyday moments. Elevate yours with the luscious pleasure of exceptional chocolate.

Handmade 9-calorie slivers

Satisfyingly small with a personal touch.

vegan, organic, gluten free

Two-ingredient healthy.

ethical and sustainable

Invested in the long haul.

Customer Love

Beautiful Black woman smiling with blue shawl holding a basket filled with boxes of Tangle Chocolate, standing in front of a beautifully set dining room table with candles, warm colors, wood, and green plant in the background.


Would you like to learn how chocolate is made, be guided through a sample of several different kinds of chocolate, and experience how its taste can be altered by the maker? Informative, fun, and delicious, this class is the perfect shared experience for a group of friends, family members, or work colleagues. Contact us for more info!

about our chocolate

We start with cacao beans from a small association of farmers in the Cahabón region of Guatemala. You can count on us always to use ethically-sourced cacao and pay more than Fair Trade prices, because we want cacao farmers to thrive! Tangle Chocolate checks all the boxes that contribute to great flavor and then adds some more: single origin, bean to bar, two premium organic ingredients, small batch. Optimally sized, freshly produced, handmade. Read more about our chocolate here.

Flavor profile: As the chocolate melts on your tongue, you might taste creamy chocolate mousse, rich cashew butter, orange peel, and tart cherries. Each taster’s experience is unique.

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Hands holding a box of Tangle Chocolate THINS, brown box with white label and leaf pattern, coral accent, as though she's about to open the box. Outside setting, wearing a tan cashmere bathrobe.

we have a blog!

If you're interested in learning more about chocolate, our frequent blog posts contain favorite recipes, bits of chocolate history, chocolate current events, and ethical discussions. Click here to read our chocolate news.

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