Tangle Chocolate's 2021 Gift Guide

Something for him, something for her, something for them. Everything beautiful, sustainable, totally yummy, and top-of-the-line quality with prices ranging from $5.90 to $69.90. Please take a look at our 2021 Gift Guide and be prepared to order!

Small, medium, and large boxes of thin dark chocolate slivers

Our Classic Boxes of Chocolate Slivers.

Always a sure hit, individual boxes of our yummy 9-calorie handmade chocolate slivers that melt on your tongue. Act of Kindness, Language of Love (with a personalized note that slides out each time the box opens), Spirit of Generosity. $9.90, $29.90, $49.90.

Two dark chocolate lollipops sprinkled with crushed peppermint with greens and peppermint decoration

Peppermint Pops. We take a sliver of our best chocolate, pop it on a wooden stick, dip it in more chocolate and sprinkle it with crushed peppermint. Festive, fun, and an original twist on the usual bark. Each Peppermint Pop is sealed in a recyclable bag; two are in each organza bag for $5.90. A perfect little something extra to tuck in with gifts or to enjoy yourself. $5.90

Gift box with lots of gorgeous winter-themed products

Winter In New England. Tramp through the silent forest after a snowfall, then snuggle up to a wood stove with some gourmet hot chocolate. It’s time to rest, reflect and renew. These products, all locally made, will help: a 9-ounce tin of shaved Tangle dark chocolate for making the world’s best fine hot chocolate; a 1-ounce box of our chocolate Thins; a beautiful bar of soap that smells ever-so-slightly of chocolate and is made with cocoa butter and husks from our cocoa beans; 4 ounces of non-alcoholic elderberry syrup to stave off colds; a pair of slender 6” natural beeswax tapers with wooden holders; an Emily Dickinson poem, “The Snow,” to help put you in the mood; and a mini garland of gold paper birds as a finishing touch. Presented in a gift box with a handwritten note. $69.90

Pick-Me-Up. For the coffee lover, Tangle Chocolate Thins infused with Bali Blue Moon coffee from YUP Coffee Roasters, paired with a full pound of YUP's freshly-roasted “La Florida” Peruvian coffee beans. Can you imagine sipping coffee, with its creamy notes of dark chocolate, honey and citrus, while savoring our gourmet coffee-infused chocolate? We took the liberty of offering this in our large Spirit of Generosity size, because that's what you'll want! $64.90

gift box with two white handmade pottery mugs, a tin of Tangle hot chocolate, a booklet of love poems

Just You and Me. The perfect gift for a couple, whether it’s for you and your sweetheart or for others. A 9-ounce tin of our intensely rich gourmet hot chocolate, two beautiful mugs hand-built by local potter Immer Cook, an adorable 5” stainless steel whisk for making the hot chocolate, and a booklet of carefully curated love poems to read while you sip and savor. All in a gift box with ribbon and a handwritten note. $59.90

Something Magical. A Language of Love box of gourmet chocolate Thins with your personal message that slides out each time the box is opened and a sweet bouquet of dried flowers including either a red or white rose that will last long after the chocolate is gone. Presented in a beribboned gift box that sparkles thanks to a 6' string of fairy lights. Magical! $54.90

Book Tiny Love Stories, Language of Love box of Tangle Chocolate, maple sugar hearts all in a white organza bag with candle lit nearby

Big Little Love. Some of our favorite little things that, when together, make a big impact. Our Language of Love box of yummy chocolate slivers, personalized by your message that slides out when the box is opened, two adorable maple sugar candy hearts made by a local old-time sugar house, and Tiny Love Stories, from the New York Times’ “Modern Love” team,  100-word stories that capture love in all of its beautiful, crazy, heartbreaking, exhilarating forms. Packaged in an organza drawstring bag with cream crinkle paper. $49.90

Hot Chocolate Gift Set. Invite a delicious pause into your day—or warm up someone else's. Pour steaming milk or water (or plant-based milk for vegan hot chocolate) over coarsely-chopped gourmet Tangle chocolate and whisk it to smooth perfection. The ceramic mug, made especially for us by local potter Immer Cook, holds the perfect amount of this intensely rich treat. The $39.90 Gift Set includes a 9-ounce tin of chocolate, one dishwasher-safe 6-ounce handmade mug, a 6” stainless steel whisk, and a sample of Tangle Chocolate gourmet dark chocolate Thins all wrapped in a box with a bow and handwritten note. Makes about 9 cups of fine hot chocolate, depending on how strong you want it. $39.90. Also available for $24.90: just the tin of Hot Chocolate.

Gift box including The Pocket Pema Chodron book, a glass vial of matches and beeswax votive, a small box of Tangle Chocolate slivers

A Meditative Moment. Savoring Tangle Chocolate is an experience in mindfulness. This gift set offers three paths to mindfulness: our Act of Kindness box of Tangle Chocolate, The Pocket Pema Chodron, a treasure of some of the beloved Buddhist nun’s inspiring teachings on mindfulness and self awareness, and a beeswax votive candle made by some of the most in-the-moment (and smallest) creatures that exist, with 2% of profits given to help save the bees. Comes in a gift box with a handwritten note. $29.90

Gift box of Tangle Chocolate slivers, maple sugar maple leaf candy, organic cranberries, a bee-embossed beeswax tealight

Leave No Trace. The perfect small gift when you want to give some special New England consumables in addition to chocolate. Leave No Trace offers a beautiful presentation of a 1-ounce Act of Kindness box of Tangle Chocolate slivers, two small maple sugar candy leaves made in a sugarhouse a few miles up the road, a snack-sized bag of dried Cape Cod-grown cranberries, a bee-embossed beeswax tea light, and a handwritten note. Perfect as a welcome gift for guests at a special social or business event too. Ask us to personalize the box with a message or your company’s logo if desired. $24.90

White organza bag hanging from a doorknob that contains a box of Tangle Chocolate slivers, maple sugar candy, dried cranberries

Baby Leave No Trace. Similar to the Leave No Trace, but offered in an organza drawstring bag instead of a box, and with an Act of Kindness box of chocolate, two small maple sugar candy leaves from a sugarhouse a few miles up the road, and a snack-sized bag of dried Cape Cod-grown cranberries. Wouldn’t you love to find this hanging from your doorknob? We can add a tag with the gift recipients’ names or your company’s logo if desired. $19.90

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