If you’ve found yourself adding chocolate to your cart more often during the pandemic than before, you’re in good company. Chocolate sales have gone up 5.5% since March 15, 2020, and premium chocolate (like Tangle Chocolate!) sales have shot up by 12.5%. Across the board, economists predict that the global chocolate industry will become a $171.6 billion industry by 2026. 

Why is chocolate growing so steadily, at a time when so many other industries are dropping in value? To answer this question, it’s important to be specific in what kind of chocolate and what kind of sales you’re looking at. Dark chocolate, for example, has increased in popularity in recent years as it is widely believed to have health benefits. Giving dark chocolate as a gift, particularly premium dark chocolate, has also become more popular in recent years (and if you’re looking for a creative way to treat a loved one to some Tangle Chocolate, look no further). 

Another cause for an increase in the premium chocolate industry is a shifting emphasis towards indulgence. During the pandemic, people are looking for small moments of joy even more than normal. Indulging in a 9-calorie THIN is a perfect way to bring a bit of deliciousness to your day, while also supporting a small premium chocolate business. 


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You asked for it, you got offering 85% dark chocolate in addition to our other flavors.

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