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Hot off the press: from March 24-28, all day each one of those days, you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of your favorite craft chocolate makers from around the world. Several businesses that support the craft chocolate industry scrambled to quickly put together a virtual festival to educate and entertain chocolate lovers who are staying safe at home during the pandemic. 

Tangle Chocolate is among the many makers who are each taking a half hour slot during the four days of the festival. On Saturday, March 28 at noon, we will be live on Instagram telling you all about our chocolate, showing our production facility and how we make chocolate, and giving you our backstory. Please join us!

The full line-up is at Stayhomewithchocolate.com. 

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Sunday, May 14th is the day! Make her chocolate gift from Tangle extra special by ordering the elevated unboxing experience for an extra $12 that includes a heart-shaped beeswax candle and wood sola flowers nestled in a gift box along with the chocolate of your choice.

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