Chocolate is one of the most coveted treats in the United States. Did you know that there are over 50 holidays to celebrate all things chocolate? The most obvious one would be National Chocolate Day, celebrated annually on October 28th; but what about the more unconventional ones such as National Chocolate Covered Insect Day on October 14th? Or those extremely specific ones like National Chocolate Covered Cashew Truffle Day on April 21st? Let’s take a closer look at when these holidays occur and how they are commonly celebrated. 

Chocolate Covered Insect Day celebrates a treat that has long been considered a delicacy in other countries, such as Thailand and Indonesia. The most common variety are roasted crickets and ants, but people also eat grasshoppers, mealworms and caterpillars! The thought of eating insects may come as a shock to us, but these creepy crawlers are excellent sources of protein and once drenched in chocolate, most people think they taste like chocolate-covered popcorn. Are you brave enough to take a bite of this unique treat? 

While some know it as National Chocolate Covered Cashew Truffle Day, others argue that it is Chocolate Covered Cashew Day. Regardless, April 21st celebrates the popular South American nut turned into delicious chocolatey delights. Many have their own thoughts on how this day should be celebrated whether it be with chocolate covered cashews or truffles incorporating cashews. One recipe has a unique twist, using cashews to make “cream” to put into truffles. Check out how to make this simple yet delicious treat here. ( 

More often than not, these chocolate holidays are commemorated by eating a piece of the confection being celebrated, but why not indulge and celebrate in your own style? International Chocolate Day is just around the corner on September 13th. This is a perfect time to host a chocolate tasting with chocolates from around the world for family and friends! 

Whether you wish to celebrate a unique and completely out-of-the-box chocolate holiday by eating chocolate covered crickets, or wish to simply enjoy a sweet piece of fudge on National Fudge Day (June 16th), there’s more than enough chocolate holidays to celebrate every month! If you’re wondering when the next chocolate related holidays is happening, check out this list: 

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