Tea and coffee have their place, but let’s be real––hot chocolate is the coziest winter drink there is. This year gives us more opportunities than ever to lounge by the fire or snuggle in bed with a cup of hot chocolate, so let’s get creative and keep our mug full with different ways to spruce up an old favorite. Keep reading for the four best ways to make your hot chocolate the highlight of your winter evenings. 

  1. Handcrafted marshmallows: If you want to level up your hot chocolate game, make sure not to forget about your marshmallows! Sweet Lydia's is a confectionary local to Lowell, MA that specializes in homemade gourmet marshmallows that are radically different from the super-sweet ones on your grocer’s shelf. Supporting small businesses is just one way to make your hot chocolate experience even sweeter! 
  2. DIY whipped cream: Whipped cream is super easy to make at home if you have heavy whipping cream and sugar (or another sweetener of your choice). You can flavor it by adding the classic vanilla extract, or try mint, orange, almond…. You might also switch it up by adding cocoa powder, melted chocolate, cinnamon––whatever can be dissolved into whipped cream! 
  3. Coffee hot chocolate: Mixing instant coffee into your hot chocolate is perfect for winter mornings where the cold air just isn’t enough to wake you up. If you need a little pick-me-up but a lot of chocolate to start your day, this is a simple way to live your best life from the moment you wake up. 
  4. Bean-to-bar hot chocolate: If you’ve never had hot chocolate made with gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate, you are in for a treat. It is so intensely chocolatey and rich that you will feel pampered with only a small serving. Tangle Chocolate now offers a Hot Chocolate Kit for a luxurious (and ethically sourced) option! The kit comes with a whisk for mixing, a 9-oz. tin of shaved chocolate, and a handmade mug created just for Tangle Chocolate by Helen Thelan of Black Cats Pottery. Pour steaming milk over the chocolate, whisk it till it’s smooth, and savor every sip. To make a vegan version of our gourmet hot chocolate, substitute plant-based milk or hot water for cow's milk!
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