Chocolate is everywhere… even on the radio! It’s no surprise that such a delicious food would be the inspiration for many musicians––it’s sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, and sometimes a little bit of both. If you’re looking for some thematic music to listen to while you savor some chocolate, keep reading for a list of songs with titles related to chocolate.

Cocoa Butter Kisses by Chance the Rapper

One of his most well known songs, “Cocoa Butter Kisses” by Chance the Rapper is a bittersweet song about missing days gone by. 

Chocolate by Jesse y Joy 

Chocolate has inspired songs worldwide. Jesse y Joy are a Mexican brother and sister duo, who have toured internationally and have won six Latin Grammy Awards. Their 2009 song “Chocolate” is just as sweet as the title would make you think. The lyrics of the chorus loosely translate to “Our love tastes like chocolate/A beating bonbon heart.” 

Chocolate by The 1975

This song might be talking about a substance a bit more intoxicating than chocolate, but the beat is still as sweet as actual chocolate! One of The 1975’s most well known songs, “Chocolate” is an upbeat song about teenage adventures.  Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits 

Tom Waits’s classic song is based on an actual “Chocolate Jesus” sculpture created by Richard Manderson. Waits sings about his weekly ritual of “Fall[ing] down on my knees every Sunday/At Zerelda Lee's candy store”––sounds like he would enjoy the Tangle philosophy of taking a moment of rest to savor a piece of chocolate. 

Candy Shop by Madonna  

Madonna didn’t want to stop at just one type of candy, and wrote a song about a whole candy shop. This song appeared on her album “Hard Candy” and she sang it on her “Sweet and Sticky” Tour, so it definitely sounds like she had sweets on her mind––and we can’t blame her!
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