When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, we’re all looking for something different. Some people want to sink their teeth into a chewy cookie, and some want more of a crunch. But how can we tweak recipes or the baking process to ensure our cookies will have our texture of choice? 

If you’re looking for a crispier cookie, one simple trick is to simply bake them for a bit longer than the recipe calls for. Make sure to check in on them before doing so, and beware that this trick could, of course, end up just burning your otherwise chewy cookies. This method works well when you decrease the amount of dough in each cookie. It’s also important to let your cookies cool fully––transferring your cookies to a cooling rack after they finish baking will help them get crispier quicker. 

In terms of ingredient ratios, recipes that call for melted butter and more white sugar than brown sugar will result in crispier cookies. Using milk and egg yolk, but not egg white, will also keep your cookies from puffing up too much. This recipe has all the hallmarks of a crispy cookie, and promises a “satisfying crunch.” 

If you prefer a softer cookie, cornstarch is the perhaps surprising secret ingredient. Cornstarch acts as a thickening agent and makes your cookies super soft. This recipe recommends that you add just two teaspoons of cornstarch along with the rest of your ingredients. The other key to soft cookies is cooling the dough before baking. Cooling dough in the fridge keeps cookies from spreading out as they bake, so the colder your dough, the softer the cookie. 

Of course, we can’t forget about the most important aspect of chocolate chip cookies–– the chocolate. The quality of chocolate that you use will affect the overall taste of your cookies. Using artisan bean-to-bar chocolate to bake might not be the most economical option, but it will certainly result in a luxurious, high quality cookie. The crumbles in Tangle Chocolate’s hot chocolate mix are ideal for baking. Many say that untempered chocolate, like what’s used in our hot chocolate mix, has the best flavor, and it melts more easily than tempered chocolate, so it’s perfect if you’re going for deliciously gooey cookies. The crumbles are small enough to go straight into the dough, or could even be sprinkled and lightly pressed into the top of the cookies right when they come out of the oven (the chocolate will melt into the cookies, and make the cookies a bit softer soft). 

No matter how you like your cookies, baking can be an excellent way to make time for joy in your day. Remember to savor small, special moments like pulling fresh-baked cookies out of the oven to enjoy by yourself or with your family.

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