If you find yourself craving chocolate on the daily, you’re in good company. Tons of celebrities aren’t afraid to share their love for chocolate with the world, and you shouldn’t be either! 

Jennifer Aniston adds “a little cacao powder, chocolate stevia drop and chocolate almond milk” to her morning protein shake, to cover up the other flavors of protein powders and veggies. 

Alyssa Milano has made dark chocolate part of her nighttime routine. She told HuffPost that while some might consider daily dark chocolate to be a guilty pleasure, “I don’t really feel guilty about this, but I do need to have some dark chocolate every night before I go to sleep.” 

Britney Spears describes her dream vacation as taking place in a snowy locale, where she and her family could ski and enjoy hot chocolate in a cabin––sounds like our Winter in New England gift box would be right up her alley! 

Blake Lively enjoys chocolate as a pick-me-up and as a way to wind down at night. “I can’t start the day without a hot chocolate, or finish it without a few squares of dark chocolate. It’s good for my mood!” Dark chocolate does have endorphins, which boost one’s mood, so not only is Blake’s chocolate routine delicious, but it’s also backed up by science! 

While many, like Blake, enjoy chocolate as a sweet way to start the day or to wind down the evening, Cindy Crawford has worked chocolate into her mid-day routine. “At the end of lunch, I always have a small piece of dark chocolate—it tells my body that I'm done with my meal.” 

Jennifer Hudson is known for her partnership with Weight Watchers, but she knows that you don’t have to choose between chocolate and a healthy lifestyle! She maintains a balance by not denying herself the foods she loves. “You have what you’re craving. Chocolate is what I love — I have it every day.” Sounds good to us! 

Nina Dobrev loves to add chocolate flavoring to her morning cup of joe–– “I love chai lattes and caramel macchiatos and double chocolate chip frappucinos with whipped cream…the sweeter the better, basically! When I have chai, I have dirty chai lattes with chocolate espresso in it. It’s a good pick me up.” She’d approve of our limited edition coffee chocolate, complete with caffeine-free coffee infused chocolate and a pound of YUP brand coffee. 

And finally, the iconic Audrey Hepburn apparently “ate [dark chocolate] every day. A bite or sometimes more. She had a special drawer in the house where she would put her chocolate and it was forbidden to touch. She would get upset if someone finished it before her. Chocolate was her favorite pick-me-up.” Us too, Audrey! 

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