An afternoon sweet, a morning coffee accompaniment, or a deliciously easy dessert; each Tangle Chocolate Thin is only 9 calories! Wanna know how easy it is to burn off those calories so that you can feel good about treating yourself with our gourmet chocolate? Read on. 

  1. Swimming or running. Personally, swimming in a natural body of water is my absolute favorite way to uplift my spirits and connect me to nature. I know that running does the same for many others. Thirty minutes of casual running (at a ten-minute-mile pace), swimming, or treading water will burn 372 calories. So it takes only about 45 seconds to burn off each Tangle Chocolate Thin!
  2. Desk Work. Whether you’re paying bills or working on a novel, you are burning 9 calories every 4 minutes. So when you’re ready for a break, push away from your desk, relax your mind, and bring your attention to chocolate melting in your mouth.
  3. Dancing. Sometimes I just want to move my body to music. The fact that it burns calories is not the point. But it does, at the rate of 10 calories per minute! Need a little dancing guidance? Check out this follow-along Zumba workout:
  4. Cycling. Take your bike out for a spin! A great activity to do with others, cycling at a leisurely pace (defined as less than 10 mph) burns around 10 calories every 2 minutes. 
  5. Folding laundry. Only 3.5 minutes of folding clean clothes banks you enough calories burned to equal those in one Tangle Chocolate Thin. And other household chores such as dusting and vacuuming burn calories even more quickly. 
  6. Stretching. This relaxing movement will increase your range of motion while decreasing stress. Stretching for just 3.5 minutes will burn 9 calories. Here is a great website where you can find an exercise for any type of stretch you need.
  7. Sleeping. Yep, you’re still burning calories as you dream — at the rate of 9 calories every 12 minutes. Time to treat yourself to that well-deserved afternoon nap!
  8. Watching TV. OK, you’re not going to burn calories as quickly as you are when doing something more active, but still, watching TV burns 28 calories every half hour. This amounts to 9 calories burned in 9.6 minutes. So when your show is over, bring your attention to this chocolate treat guilt-free. 
  9. Gardening. Since the start of the summer, many of us have been busy out in our gardens taking care of flowers and veggie patches. Gardening is an activity that’s rewarding in itself, but it is also quite a workout. This outdoor activity burns 9 calories in only 1.6 minutes!

Now that you have some quick and easy ways to burn off those calories, why not sit back and enjoy a delectable sliver of chocolate?


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